Today I went to the cinema for the first time after the lock down. I watched Dieser Film ist ein Geschenk, about the artist Daniel Spoerri. I admit I didn’t know the artist before, but I found his approach interesting. The director of the film, Anja Salomonowitz, made some compelling artistic choices, including letting her son speak some of the words of Daniel Spoerri in his place, maybe to go with the idea of his art to give old objects a new life by putting them in a new context.

I haven’t blogged in about 10 years or so, but I need content for my page so I have decided to start again. I am not sure where this is going yet, but hey, we all have to start somewhere.

So, here’s a picture of my cats Maurice and Grigory. They are brothers and almost two years old, and most of the time they are best friends, except for when they fight for about 15 minutes. I love those cats, adopting them was the best decision I ever made.

Expect them to feature heavily in this blog!

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